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I am here for YOU!  I am inspired by all of you incredibly smart, motivated, successful moms out there who are working hard to build big things. You found yourself on this site because you are ready to make changes. You know you can run your business and home more efficiently but are so bogged down by the stress and guilt of it all that it feels paralyzing. I know this because I have been there.  And I am here to tell you that if you don't actively work on it, nothing will change. 

Hi, I am Kim Lindauer. I started my first business, Kim's Gym, in 2002 at the age of 21.  After running Kim's Gym for 8 years, I birthed my first son, Miles, into the world. As soon as this happened, I felt a seismic shift in my life and in my business. I lost the luxuries of time, sleep, and pretty much any control I currently thought I possessed. I quickly realized that I needed to make huge changes to the way I ran my business if I was also going to nurture my growing family.  

I searched for support everywhere I could but never could find what I was looking for. There are deep complexities of owning and running a business balanced with all of the demands of motherhood and I could not find anyone or any groups who were addressing these issues. There is a real gap in support for mom-owned business and I want to tell you that I am here to fill that gap. 


All of my years running my business, with and without children (I now have 3 little boys), led me to this place. A place where I wake up excited to help moms build and grow their business and lead their team with confidence all while feeling whole at work and at home. 


I can't wait to work with you! 

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