Needing the help from a consultant does not mean you are stupid, or that you can’t handle all of the things yourself.


It does not mean you are weak or that your business is failing. 


In fact, it means the exact opposite - it means that you understand the value of seeking outside advice and taking action.


It means you are ready to build your dream company, live a passionate life, and stay present at both home and work. 

Your business will grow when YOU are ready to grow.

It is challenging to see solutions to your own issues when you are the one carrying the stress, waking up in the middle of the night, and worrying all of the time.  You have to get an outside and objective perspective from someone who has been there and done THAT.  

If you choose to put in the time, work, and intention, you really can lead your business and family in a manner that leaves you with energy at the end of the day, free of guilt.   

One of the best parts of owning your own business is that you have full control - this is also the biggest challenge.  Add this challenge with the weight of running a family and we all need a long nap.  I GET IT and am ready to partner with you to guide you, help you, push you, and be your biggest cheerleader.  


My method is a hybrid consulting/coaching approach. I can offer you the business expertise and advice when needed while guiding you to find the motivation to confidently lead your business and family. I will partner with you to help you devise a marketing plan, better establish your organizational structure, implement efficient systems, analyze your leadership team, and more. Additionally, we will work on a combination of mindset work and motivation. I will help you figure out what is holding you back from your full potential so that you can unleash the best and most passionate version of yourself. This is particularly interesting work for entrepreneurial moms since so much of our time and energy are spent on everyone else. I'll help you devise a plan to take back your time and re-align your work/life goals. 

Working Together:

There are two ways to work together:


1.  Monthly 1:1 Sessions

Let's be honest - this work is complicated and takes time. You must block a minimum of 3 months of coaching sessions. We will meet for 2, 1 1/2 hour meetings per month with emails and phone calls exchanged in between meetings. The 3-month program costs $1125. The initial phone call/meeting is complimentary so that we can get a sense of how we can work together and be sure it is the right fit. 

We will:

Address areas of concern - areas include but are not limited to staffing issues, strategic planning, time management, vision for the short term and long term, operational structure, communications, marketing, etc. 

Set long-term and short term goals matched with actionable steps for running your business

Set long-term and short term goals matched with actionable steps for running your family

Identify pressing issues that need to be addressed immediately

When you are ready to set up your initial discovery meeting, please email 


2.  2-hour intensive

This is great for a newer business owner.  You have so many ideas and so much work.  You need help problem solving and figuring out where to begin, what are the most pressing items, and how you are going to find time to get them done. We will dive deep into your ideas, create an action plan, and leave you with a clear path forward. The cost is $350. If you would like to set up a phone call/meeting to see if we are the right fit, please email 

1:1 Consulting

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