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Needing the help from a coach does not mean you are stupid, or that you can’t handle all of the things yourself.


It does not mean you are weak or that your business is failing. 


In fact, it means the exact opposite - it means that you understand the value of seeking support and taking action.


It means you are ready to build your dream company, live a life aligned with your values, and stay present at both home and work. 

Your business will grow when YOU are ready to grow.

If you choose to put in the time, work, and intention, you really can lead your business and family in a manner that leaves you with energy at the end of the day, free of guilt.   

One of the best parts of owning your own business is that you have full control - this is also the biggest challenge.  Add this challenge with the weight of running a family and we all need a long nap.  I GET IT and am ready to partner with you to guide you, help you, push you, and be your biggest cheerleader.  


My method is a hybrid consulting/coaching approach. I can offer you business expertise and advice when needed while guiding you to find the motivation to confidently lead your business and family. I will partner with you to problem solve your daily struggles while holding space for your true life values- guiding you to lead a more fulfulling life. 

Working Together:


1.  Monthly 1:1 Sessions

Let's be honest - this work is complicated and takes time. The more I get to know you, the more progress you can make.  You can buy a 5 or 10 session package.  We will meet for an initial 2 hour meeting and then begin the sessions in the package.  The initial phone call/meeting is complimentary so that we can get a sense of how we can work together and be sure it is the right fit. 

We will:

Identify your core values and the values of your organization

Set long-term and short term goals matched with actionable steps for running your business

Set long-term and short term goals matched with actionable steps for running your family

Identify pressing issues that need to be addressed immediately

Create total accountability

When you are ready to set up your initial discovery meeting, please email


1:1 Coaching

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