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Join a Peer Circle


Our Peer Circles are created for women who value connection, support, learning, and want to surround themselves with other business-owning moms who "get it." We show up ready to work, grow, share, collaborate, and be held accountable free of judgment and full of positivity.  

So much of our success in life and business is based on our own self-talk. So let's squash that negativity, tap into a more productive mindset, and get clear on our actionable next steps. We cannot achieve what we cannot clearly see and define.

Our monthly, 4-hour meetings will be a balance of professional and personal development.


Each meeting will include:

  • Programming based on the group's biggest concerns (marketing, employment, strategy, sales, social media, time management, work/life integration, etc) 

  • Goal setting and accountability at home and work

  • The opportunity to work through challenging business decisions with group members

  • Time to learn from others' experiences, failures, and victories

  • Time to share and learn best practices in business and life to help ease everyone's load

  • A space to celebrate ALL of our success 

To be considered for one of our circles, you must:

  • Own your own small to medium sized business

  • Consider yourself a primary parent to your children

  • Be able to commit to attending the meetings with your whole self

  • Be willing to share your ideas, successes, and failures openly and generously

  • Be interested in group learning and discussions

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